Let me tell you the tale...

Your toad crawls around and gathers a conga line of followers. Try not to bump into things or your line .

In the bottom right corner you can see your lifes and the number of frogs you have to rescue.

We recommend you turn up the sound. Enjoy the story!



Arrow Keys / XBOX-Stick - move

Mouse / Enter / A-Button - main menu select

Escape / Start-Button - pause


Version 1.1.0 (2019-10-12)
- Added: Damage feedback animation.
- Added: Death animation.
- Changed: Tutorial background is now green.
- Changed: Narrator voice is now louder.
- Changed: Toad king changes direction directly when a direction button was pressed (if he is not moving).
- Changed: Screen shake is a bit more subtle.
- Changed: Improved the levels.
- Changed: Follower frogs won't die if they go out of screen.
- Changed: Main menu screen, win screen and game over screen.
- Fixed: Typos.
- Fixed: "Camera moves faster" area was too small.
- Fixed: In game menu was invisible when screen was fading to black.
- Fixed: Some text boxes appeared multiple times.
- Fixed: Mouse cursor was visible in tutorial in fullscreen.
- Fixed: Some bugs in the level maps.
- Fixed: Some level ended too soon (sometimes).
- Fixed: Dialog images didn't fit the overworld frog images.
- Fixed: Player could not die in the first level.
- Fixed: Player could go out of the world map.

Verson 1.0.1 (2019-10-08)
- Fixed: Dialog in level 1.
- Fixed: Some typos in dialogs.
- Fixed: Enabled goodbye voice.

Version 1.0.0 (2019-10-08)
- Initial release (Ludum Dare release).


Basti - Code Wizard

Kamil - Enemy Warlock, Master of Level 3

Tido - Implementation Fairy, Croaky Voice

Christian - Painting Goblin God

Lukas - Songmaster

🐬 Have fun playing! 🐬


Tale of the Toad King (Windows) 14 MB
Tale of the Toad King (macOS) 17 MB
Tale of the Toad King (Linux 64 Bit) 17 MB
Tale of the Toad King (Linux 32 Bit) 16 MB

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