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Lord Thorn is furious. His daughter Princess Briar ran off with this unworthy little cherry of a boy.

To retrieve his precious daughter, he sends madding spines, devastating everything in their path.
But true love will overcome all boundaries. Cherryboy and Briar Princess are destined to fight for their love.

What to do

Protect the princess and gather rose blossoms until she can overcome her father. Don't let her get strangled in his briars! Use your karate to destroy the thorn bushes and stomp spine saplings.
Look out for helpful shrooms.


Walk, Stomp, Hit - Arrow-Keys

Throw Shroombombs - Space

made by Beebo Studios for LD42

Basti - code wizard
Christian - illustration goblin and overall cool guy follow him for more cuteness)
Lukas - bard
Tido - implementation fairy, animation elf and coding apprentice in one person


Cherrytales (Windows) 41 MB
Cherrytales (Mac OS X) 56 MB
Cherrytales (Linux 64 Bit) 43 MB
Cherrytales (Linux 32 Bit) 45 MB

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