Your life as currency: Explore the dangerous depths of a vending machine in an action packed adventure! Slay its monstrous inhabitants and claim the prize!


  • Arrow keys - Walk
  • A - Punch
  • D - Dodge
  • S - Use
  • A, D or S - Skip Intro
  • Esc - Pause
  • Alt+F4 - Pull the plug
  • Controllers are also supported!

Known Bugs

  • a LOT of Z-misalignment
  • sometimes the fist stays large after punching
  • only one of the three vending machines works


  • Bastilo - Code Wizard and Voice Talent
  • Tekses - Painting Goblin and Gary
  • Purrseus - Writer and Glue
  • Lumue - Barefoot Musician

A game made by Beebo Studios for Ludum Dare 44

Thanks for playing!


Beyond the Slot (Windows) 19 MB
Beyond the Slot (macOS) 23 MB
Beyond the Slot (Linux 64 Bit) 22 MB
Beyond the Slot (Linux 32 Bit) 21 MB


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just tried the windows version: would help if one could punch north- and south-wards  as well as east- and west-wards.

cannot read property "getProperty" of undefined.