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Someone stole the magical fork that held the world together. Now it is shattered and demonic creatures are roaming the apocalypitic landscape. Escape at all costs from this hellish nightmare that some fool brought over the planet.

What to do

Poke the Eyeballs! Save everyone! Don’t let your dragon starve! Try to reach The End!*

*Disclaimer: The End is an end condition that you’ll propably not see because this game is so very unfinished. Should you fight through though, be prepared for a totally radical dummy screen full of placeholder graphics!


Arrow Keys / XBOX-Stick - move

Spacebar / Enter / A-Button - action

Escape / B-Button - pause

There are instructions in-game!



We like to apologize for the missing key feature of boosts based on your dudes. Somehow, the code does not work as intended. But well, that’s Ludum Dare, eh?

This Ludum Dare, Beebo Studios sadly weren’t in one place. However! bastilo entered on his own while Tekses and Purrseus have teamed up to try themselves at their very own first game - this one. In typical Ludum Dare fashion they even totally ran out of time. Like, totally.


Updated Version:

  • fixed the bug of dudes not giving boni
  • massive rebalancing
  • adjusted animation handling, so characters don’t wobble around their goal anymore; the hook now can’t get lost
  • taking the front position now lets you look ahead
  • the new (provisional) game over screen shows how far you made it
  • game over condition made clearer by being two-step
  • animation for the ship being hit by enemies
  • fixed the bug of not being able to close the help screen by pressing Spacebar/Enter

Goals for Version 1.0:

  • add missing animations, implement unused graphics
  • make a prettier end screen
  • individual sound effects for the dudes
  • new and more varied music
  • boss fight

Thank you for reading this far! You are a very special person to us 😘

Have a fish! 🐟


Tido - lead programmer and voice talent

Christian - art director (For more cuteness see his Instagram)


The Updated Version represents our vision for this Ludum Dare. If you base your rating off the Updated Version, please consider that your OVERALL and FUN experience will propably be vastly different from our original LD Version. For the sake of fairness, please refrain from rating in that case, at least in those categories.

Of course, you can still download, play and rate the LD Version. If you do, please consider the following: Due to balancing issues with fall speed we advise to directly move to the left station of the ship and poke the dragon until you are at the top! Don’t be afraid to hurt this guy! His pain is your gain.

Have fun playing!


Berrytales - Updated Version (Windows) 16 MB
Berrytales - Updated Version (Mac) 32 MB
Berrytales - Updated Version (Linux 32Bit) 19 MB
Berrytales - Updated Version (Linux 64Bit ) 17 MB
Berrytales - LD Version (Windows) 18 MB
Berrytales - LD Version (Mac) 34 MB
Berrytales - LD Version (Linux 32Bit) 21 MB
Berrytales - LD Version (Linux 64Bit) 20 MB

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