Haiti Kitty Version 1.0 is out now!

Haiti Kitty version 1.0 is finally out there! After months of bugfixing and developing new features we are finally proud to present our latest version of the game. Started on Ludum Dare 41, the game made some progression. Here are the new features for you:

  • The baseball part is now way more intuitive to play than before - thank you for your feedback!
  • New fish and a boot to catch
  • Cutscenes between the mini games
  • A better scoring screen that lists your score in more detail
  • Little tweaks and better animations
  • Bugfixes!

Enjoy that version of the game. We will see you at Ludum Dare 42!


Haiti Kitty (Web) Play in browser
Aug 10, 2018
Haiti Kitty (Windows) 13 MB
Aug 10, 2018
Haiti Kitty (Mac OS X) 28 MB
Aug 10, 2018
Haiti Kitty (Linux 64-Bit) 15 MB
Aug 10, 2018
Haiti Kitty (Linux 32-Bit) 16 MB
Aug 10, 2018

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